May 21, 2019

The 12th AIMS Annual Review Meeting

The 12th AIMS Annual Review Meeting

7-9 November 2018

Army Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam

Dr.Chantavit Sujatanond and Dr. Tran Anh Tuan, Deputy Director General, Higher Education Department, MOET, Vietnam took photo with the ministry representatives from 8 AIMS member countries and a new prospect member, Singapore.


The 12th AIMS Annual Review Meeting was held by SEAMEO RIHED and the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), Vietnam on 7-9 November 2018, at Army Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam. The meeting was participated by 173 delegates including government representatives, lecturers, international relation officers (IROs) from the university members from 8 countries: Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and the prospective new member, Singapore. The review meeting provided a timely platform and opportunities for the stakeholders to share the current development of the AIMS Programme and report the achievements as well as challenges that each country and university have been through in the previous year.


Dr. Tran Anh Tuan, Deputy Director General, Higher Education Department, MOET, Vietnam delivered the opening remarks for the meeting.


Dr. Chantavit Sujatanond, Centre Director of SEAMEO RIHED presents a token of appreciation to Dr. Tran Anh Tuan, Deputy Director General, Higher Education Department, MOET, Vietnam


With the focused theme on “Enhancing the AIMS Programme’s Visibility, Communication and Alumni Network,” the meeting this year was opened with the updated overview of the AIMS Programme and the interactive introductory session on Making sense of Regional Identity: a path to global citizenship by Ms. Porntip Kajananiyot, Special Advisor of SEAMEO RIHED and former Executive Director of Fulbright Thailand. The meeting also featured the parallel sessions for faculty staffs within the 10 study fields and International relation officers (IROs). The faculty group session, led by Dr. Chantavit Sujatanond, gathered the lecturers and academic officers to discuss and share the current practices on teaching and research and also explore further collaborations in each respective study field. In parallel, IRO staffs enthusiastically joined the IRO session led by Ms. Porntip Kajananiyot by sharing current situations and discussing the way to enhance the capacity of IRO’s role in promoting the AIMS programme at institutional, national and regional levels. Through the constructive discussion, each session has gathered valuable inputs reflecting possibilities and existing challenges as well as suggested solutions which will be beneficial for further improvement of the Programme.



Parallel Session A: Faculty Group, led by Dr. Chantavit Sujatanond, Centre Director, SEAMEO RIHED


Parallel Session B: IRO Group, led by Ms. Porntip Kajananiyot, Special Advisor of SEAMEO RIHED and former Executive Director of Fulbright Thailand


During the meeting, the ministry representatives from the 9 respective countries were also invited to share national updates of AIMS Programme implementation, for instance, current numbers of participating AIMS students, visibility of the Programme, policy changes, progress and challenges as well as recommendations.


Ministry representatives from Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and Republic of Korea, moderated by Ms. Phunyanuch Pattanotai, Programme Director, SEAMEO RIHED


Ministry representatives from Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam, moderated by Ms. Phunyanuch Pattanotai, Programme Director, SEAMEO RIHED


In addition, the meeting also provided the session on Update of the Collaborative Research Project to share the overall progress of the collaborative research project to measure the experiences of AIMS participating students, and followed by hearing real experience journeys after the programme of 6 AIMS alumni and students, who are working/ studying in different areas. Moreover, during the session, “Our Way Ahead”, to incorporate the expansion of cross-border collaboration within and beyond the region, the change of the Programme’s name were announced for acknowledgement of the members. The name will be changed from ASEAN to Asian International Mobility for International Mobility for Students with the remained acronym, “AIMS.”


AIMS Alumni were taking photo with Dr. Chantavit Sujatanond and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nakao Nomura, Tsukuba University


Most specially, since the next year will be the 10th year of AIMS Programme, the Office of the Higher Education Commission (OHEC), Ministry of Education, Thailand as a host country excitedly announced the arrangement of the 13th AIMS Annual Review Meeting and the 10-Year Anniversary Event which will be a splendid celebration week to be held in Bangkok, Thailand in November 2019. Please save the date for joining us in this important event!

Lastly, SEAMEO RIHED would like to extend our gratitude to the co-host, MOET, Vietnam, and most importantly, all participants of the 12th Review Meeting for making the meeting a success. Without your hard work and continued support, AIMS couldn’t be as strong as today. Thank you so much!


Group Photo: participants of the 12th AIMS Annual Review Meeting


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