April 6, 2019

China (ACC)


In order to contribute towards close collaboration, SEAMEO RIHED together with ACC(ASEAN-China Centre) has examined the possibilities for collaboration since early 2012, identified key strategic initiatives to promote better understanding, more structured cooperation, increased sharing of information and the mutual promotion of good practices.

Since the implementation of “reform and opening up” policy in 1978, the reform and development of higher education in China have made significant achievements. Higher education in China has played an important role in the economic construction, scientific progress and social development by bringing up large scale of advanced talents and experts.

In recent years, taking full advantage of the talents, knowledge, science and technology, Chinese HEIs emphasized the practical research and development in the light of economic construction. In addition, HEIs have taken part in the establishment of university science parks, where innovation is promoted to further research, strengthen the resources of the university, promote the transfer of technology to industry and strengthen training in innovation and entrepreneurship.


  • gain in-depth understanding of the higher education system in China;
  • understand the university’s role in research, hi-tech and economic developing areas;
  • understand innovative practices regarding cultivating human resources by universities in response to local development needs;
  • understand mechanisms in collaboration between HEIs, research institutes and industry;
  • promote long-term and sustainable collaboration between China and Southeast Asia in higher education.

Study Visit to China






1-7 December

Collaboration in Research
and Development

• Ministry of Education, China ASEAN-China Center (ACC)

• Tsinghua University & TusPark

• Beijing Language and Culture University

• Tianjin University

• Commission of Science and

• Technology, Binhai New Area

• Northeastern University & NEU


2-8 November
(Tentatively scheduled)

Collaboration in Research
and Development

• Shanghai Municipal Education Commission
• Shanghai Academy of Education Science

• Tongji Univesity

• National Science and Technology Park of Tongji University

• Suzhou Dushu Lake Higher Education Town

• Zhejiang University

• National Science and Technology Park of Zhejiang   University

• Zhejiang University of Technology