May 23, 2019

United States (AGB)


As the trends in higher education development nowadays are largely directed by most advanced and developed countries, especially the US, getting to know more about higher education in the American context as well as to learn about how the US higher education system has prepared itself to face the challenge of globalisation and international education would be beneficial to executives and senior staff in Thai and Southeast Asian HEIs. In close consultation with the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB), SEAMEO RIHED organise the educational trip to the US and take our prospective participants from universities and higher education institutions in Thailand and Southeast Asia to participate in the AGB’s National Conference on Trusteeship and to attend series of lectures provided by the AGB and senior executives and staff of various public and private higher education institution in the United States of America.


  • To provide the opportunity for senior university administrators of Thai and other Southeast Asian universities to participate in professional development activities, such as attending  the prestigious AGB’s National Conference on Trusteeship, which attracts HEI executives worldwide
  • To improve ideas and insights on recent and current developments in university governance, leadership and management and marketing techniques and their applicability in relation to universities in Thailand and other Southeast Asian Countries, through series of lectures and discussing sessions with senior executives and staff in both public and private HEIs in the US
  • To provide the opportunity for senior university administrators and executives from Thailand and Southeast Asia to cultivate personal and institutional cooperation with the AGB and HEIs in the US

Study Visit to the United States




Conference and Universities/Colleges/Organisations


1-10 April

University Governance and Management
for University's Social Responsibility and Sustainabilitt

· AGB National Conference on Trusteeship

· University of California, Los Angeles

· Loyola Marymount University

· California State University Long Beach

· The Los Angeles Community College District

· California Institute of Technology

· Chapman University

· Cerritos College


18-28 March

University Governance and Development

· AGB National Conference on Trusteeship

· Rollins College

· University of Central Florida

· Brevard Community College

· University of Chicago

· University of Illinois

· DePaul University


17-26 April

University Governance for Members
of University Council and University
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· AGB National Conference on Trusteeship The
  Changing Landscape of Higher Education

· University of San Diego

· University of California

· University of Southern California

· Claremont Colleges

· California State University


13-21 April

University Governance
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· AGB National Conference on Trusteeship
  American Higher Education in a Global Context

· Boston College

· George Mason University, Fairfax campus

· American University

· Georgetown University

· University of Maryland

· Northern Virginia Community College

· AGB Headquarters

· UN Headquarters