May 23, 2019

Internationalisation Award (iAward)


As an International Relations Offices (IROs) are crucial actors in terms of facilitating individual students, academics and administrative staff to mobilise internationally, the Malaysia-Indonesia-Thailand Internationalisation Award or M-I-T iAward project was initiated to enhance their capacity towards the sustainability of the M-I-T Student Mobility Programme.

The 1st iAward Committee Meeting, held in Jakarta, Indonesia, on 24-26 April 2011 provided a platform for a group of assessors and policy makers from Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand to consider and fine tune the iAward Asessment Tool, and discuss a concept and implementation plan of iAward Project. Please refer to the Report of 1st I Award Committee Meeting.

The 2nd iAward Assessment Committee Meeting, held in Bali, Indonesia on 23 September 2011 discussed on the project implementation, assessment procedure and assessment timeline as well as to review and finalise the M-I-T iAward Self-Asessment Report (SAR) and M-I-T iAward Asessment Tool. The Meeting agreed to change the project name from iAward to M-I-T iAward. Please refer to the Report of 2nd iAward Assessment Committee Meeting.

It was agreed that those who are eligible to join the M-I-T iAward Project are the IROs or the bodies that facilitate the flow of student mobility under the M-I-T student mobility programme. Three Ministries nominate a pool of 15 assessors (5 assessors per Ministry) and shortlist their HEIs that their IROs have good practices in promoting the M-I-T student mobility programme. Three HEIs from each country who meet the criteria in the Self-Assessment Report (SAR) will be nominated for the iAward external assessment.

The assessment process will be performed in 2 parallel methods – SAR screening (by respective ministries) and site-visit assessment (by iAward Assessment Committee).


The initiative of M-I-T iAward is geared towards the promotion of greater student mobility in Southeast Asia.

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