April 20, 2019

The 3rd SEAMEO RIHED-ACC Study Visit Programme to China

The 3rd SEAMEO RIHED-ACC Study Visit Programme to China on “Fostering Academic Collaboration and Exchange in Higher Education: Cultivate Innovative Talents in the field of Arts, Traditional Medicine, Cultural Heritage, and Hospitality and Tourism”

10-17 January 2016, Guangxi (Nanning & Guilin), P.R. China

After the success of the two previous Study Visit Programme to China, SEAMEO RIHED, in collaboration with the  ASEAN-China Center (ACC), organized the 3rd activity from 10-17 January 2016 to visit Guangxi (Nanning & Guilin), P. R. China with the focus on the theme of Foster Academic Collaboration and Exchange in Higher Education.  This year, the Programme was designed for providing senior administrators of higher education institutions in Southeast Asian Region with extensive opportunity to explore, discuss and exchange of innovative ideas and practices, to seek a networking and future academic collaboration in higher education, especially in the areas of Arts, Traditional Medicine, Cultural Heritage, and Hospitality and Tourism.


Participants for this year included 2 delegates from Gunadarma University (Prof. Dr. Eko Sri Magianti, President and Dr. Widya Silfianti, Head of System Development Centre) and 5 delegates from Thailand: 1 from Mae Fah Luang University (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Darunee Wattanasiriwech, Vice President); 2 from North Eastern University (Dr. Ekanun Sombatsakulkit, President and Dr. Wilai Eungpinichpong, Advisor to the President); 1 from Chulalongkorn University (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suppakorn Disatapundhu, Dean of Faculty of Fine and Applied Art); and 1 from Ubon Ratchathani University (Dr. Sumalee Ngeoywijit, Associate Dean for Research and International Relation, Faculty of Management Science). A director of SEAMEO RIHED (Dr. Chantavit Sujatanond) and 2 staff (Ms. Phunyanuch Pattanotai and Ms. Thanthakorn Phuangsawat) also joined the trip.





During the 7 days, the group visited to more than 7 outstanding universities located in both Nanning and Guilin, which are Guangxi University for Nationalities, Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine, Guangxi Art University,  Guangxi University, Guilin University of Technology, Guangxi Normal University and Guilin Tourism University, respectively. Apart from the aforementioned universities, the group also had a great opportunity to meet with universities’ executives from Guangxi Medical University, Guangxi University of Finance and Economics, Guangxi Teacher Education University, as well as Guilin University of Electronic Technology. Additionally, a one-day seminar on “One Belt-One Road”—Bridging Guangxi and ASEAN Universities was convened during the second day of our visit at Guangxi University for Nationalities.


Special appreciation convey to our amazing partners, the ASEAN-China Center (ACC) and the Education Department, Guangxi Autonomous Region for thier continued supports and kind collaboration.

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APEC Researcher Mobility Workshop 2015

APEC Researcher Mobility Workshop hosted by AustralianDepartment of Education and Training


1-2 December 2015, Hotel Borobudur Jakarta, Indonesia


APEC Researcher Mobility Workshop

As part of Australia’s commitment to increasing cross border research cooperation, the Department of Education and Training is hosting the APEC Researcher Mobility Workshop, to be held in Jakarta on 1 – 2 December 2015.This workshop will provide a forum to discuss and identify ways of promoting andsupporting the mobility of research students and researchers and of enhancing research innovation.

The workshop will focus on identifying practical actions that could be undertaken by APEC economies to overcome barriers to mobility. Key issues to be explored include the APEC policy context, the role of research in powering economic growth, and strategies to increase researcher mobility, build institutional partnerships and ensure integrity in researcher mobility.


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NQF Experts Meeting for Asia and Pacific 2015



Cover NQF-1

27-29 July 2015
Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand


Objectives of the Meeting

  • Introduce and launch the new KFIT Higher Education Project
  • Take stock of the status, diverse norms and principles of NQF in Asia and the Pacific
  • Develop a framework and proposed outline for national case studies to be completed in 2016
  • Conduct a baseline analysis for drafting regional guidelines on National Qualifications Frameworks for the Asia-Pacific region

Key Outputs

  • Synthesis report on best practices and policies of NQF in Asia-Pacific
  • Finalized guidelines for national case studies on NQF
  • Timeline for developing regional guidelines and conducting country-level training workshops to support implementation and piloting

Participating Countries and Stakeholders

The target groups for the Bangkok Expert Meeting are government Ministries, quality assurance officials and researchers involved in NQF at system and institutional levels. The invited Member States to participate in the initial stocktaking exercise and meeting include:

  • South Asia: India, Sri Lanka, Nepal
  • Southeast Asia: Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand
  • East Asia: China, Japan, Republic of Korea
  • Pacific: Australia

web NQF-1

For more detail, please see link : http://www.unescobkk.org/education/higher-education/nqfap

2015 AQAN Seminar and Roundtable Meeting, Manila, Philippines



2015 AQAN Seminar and Roundtable Meeting

2-3 September 2015

Manila, Philippines


“Quality Assurance in ASEAN: Issues, Challenges and Outcomes”


The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) of the Philippines is hosting the 2015 ASEAN Quality Assurance Network Seminar and Roundtable Meeting (2015 AQAN SRTM) with the theme “Quality Assurance in ASEAN:  Issues, Challenges and Outcomes. Assurance in ASEAN:  Issues, Challenges and Outcomes.” 

This event aims to serve as a platform of exchanges among AQAN members on current concerns of quality assurance of higher education in the ASEAN region.


 For more information,  please visit website at  :  http://2015aqansrtm.wix.com/ched





Offical Visit of SEAMEO Council President,HIS Excellency Admiral Narong Pipatanasai,Minister of Education, Thailand

Official Visit of SEAMEO Council President

His Excellency Admiral Narong Pipatanasai

Minister of Education, Thailand

SEAMEO RIHED, Bangkok, Thailand

Thursday, 16th July 2015



SEAMEO RIHED Centre Director visited to Yunnan and Guangxi Department of Education

Establish Collaboration among GMS Countries

SEAMEO RIHED Centre Director visited to Yunnan and Guangxi

Department of Education


From 25-27 June 2015, Dr. Chantavit Sujatanond, Director of SEAMEO RIHED, visited to Yunnan Provincial Department of Education and Guangxi Department of Education. The visit aims at seeking collaboration and support from local governments in P.R. China to collectively making efforts towards higher education harmonization in GMS countries and beyond.

The visit was welcomed by Mr. Liu Gang, Director International Cooperation Office, Yunnan Provincial Department of Education, Yunnan and Prof. Dr. Cai Changzhuo, Deputy Director General of Guangxi Department of Education, Guangxi autonomous region, P.R. China. Collaboration regarding regional credit transfer framework development, GMS University Consortium, including possibilities in co-hosting conferences/seminars in higher education, etc. was discussed during the visit.

To contribute in developing GMS human resource and harmonizing its higher education systems, recently, SEAMEO RIHED has been working on the development of Regional Credit Transfer Framework with the support from the Asian Development Bank. Through the exploration phase, a regional credit transfer framework has been developed and will be brought into piloting phase. With continued support from ADB, selected higher education institutions will be piloting the initiated credit transfer framework for the next two year, 2015-2017, and provide feedback for improving the structured framework. In addition, to sustain the network of the selected universities, GMS University Consortium will be established among those universities. The GMS University Consortium will collectively form a network and establish collaboration mechanisms to foster experience sharing and to improve the quality and excellence of universities in GMS region.

Following the visit to Guangxi Department of Education, Dr. Chantavit was invited to visit Guangxi Arts Institute, and welcomed by Ms. Xuan Si, Vice-President of Guangxi Arts Institute and the International Cooperation team. Dance training and practicing lessons for undergraduate students was presented to the Director. At the end of the visit, Dr. Chantavit was invited to watch the graduation performance, presented by the graduates major in Modern Dance.



Visit to Yunnan Provincial

Department of Education


Visit to Guangxi

Department of Education


Visit to Guangxi Arts Institute,

welcomed by Ms. Xuan Si,

the Vice-President of Guangxi Arts Institute

Official Visit SEAMEO Council President

            His Excellency Professor Dr. Pham Vu Luan

               Minister of Education and Training, Vietnam

          and SEAMEO Council President and the delegation

                                                                                    Thursday, 5th March 2015

RIHED_24 09-DrChantavit-02
 RIHED_39 09-DrChantavit-04
 RIHED_43  09-DrChantavit-10
 RIHED_55_F2  RIHED_52_F2

Australia Education International (AEI) visited SEAMEO RIHED

On 7th June 2013 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sauwakon Ratanawijitrasin , Centre Director, SEAMEO RIHED ,  gave a welcome present to Ms. Jen Tyrell, the newly appointed Counsellor ( Education & Science ) of the Australian Education International, Australian Embassy.

SEAMEO RIHED director and Ms. Jen Tyrel

SEAMEO RIHED director and Ms. Jen Tyrel

On 7th June 2013 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sauwakon Ratanawijitrasin,Centre Director, SEAMEO RIHED, gave a thank you present to Mr. Scott J. Evans, Counsellor (Education & Science) of the Australian Education International, Australian Embassy, whose his term of service (June 2010 – June 2013) will be finished on June, 2013.

SEAMEO RIHED director and Mr. Scott J. Evans

SEAMEO RIHED director and Mr. Scott J. Evans

Seminar on Internationalisation Management for Higher Education Institutions

SEAMEO RIHED organized a 1 day seminar on “Internationalisation Management for Higher Education Institutions” on 1 March 2013 at 5th floor conference room, the Office of the Higher Education Commission Building, Bangkok. The key objective of the seminar is to provide university executives, international relation officers, and persons working closely with international affairs with current issues and trends on internationalisation of higher education, best practices and lessons learned on internationalisation management, and training needs in support of internationalisation.



The key note speakers included 1) Assoc. Prof. Dr. Akiyoshi Yonezawa, Graduated School of International Development, (GSID), Nagoya University, Japan 2) Ms. Tanya Loh, Associate Director of International Relations, Swinburne University of Technology, Auatralia 3) Ms. Porntip Kanjananiyot, Executive Director, Thailand – United States Educational Foundation (TUSEF/Fulbright) 4) Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sukhgij Ysothonsreekul, Vice President for International Affairs, Naresuan University 5) Prof. Dr. Pongruk Sribanditmongkol, Vice President for Planning and Development, Chiang Mai University 6) Asst. Prof. Dr. Anak Khantachawana, Assistant to the President for International Affairs, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi and 7) Asst. Prof. Dr. Pimrawee Rocharungsat, Vice President, Phetchaburi Rajabhat University.



The sessions have been moderated by Dr. Vipat Kuruchittham, Deputy Director, SEAMEO RIHED and Ms. Watinee Kharnwong, Deputy Director, Australian Education International (AEI)


There were totally 46 participants as a representative from the 19 Universities in Bangkok and other provinces. The seminar has been a platform for Thai higher education institutions to exchanges knowledge and practices on internationalisation with experts from Japan, Australia and Thailand.



Official visit to SEAMEO RIHED of the SEAMEO Council President

On 14 January 2013, the Minister of Education, Brunei Darussalam, and President of the SEAMEO Council, H.E. Pehin Abu Bakar Apong, completed an official visit to SEAMEO RIHED. Accompanied by Dr. Witaya Jeradechakul, the Director of SEAMEO Secretariat; Dr. Junaidi Abdul Rahman, the Permanent Secretary for Core Education, Ministry of Education, Brunei Darussalam; H.E. Dato Paduka Haji Kamis bin Haji Tamin, the Ambassador of Brunei Darussalam in Thailand; and other delegation members, his excellency remarked that he was impressed with the results of his visit to SEAMEO RIHED.

H.E. Pehin Abu Bakar Apong shared his ideas on the current trajectory of higher education in Southeast Asia. He emphasised that concern needs to be paid to the reform and future of education in the region, education in Asian countries has gradually improved to the point that western countries are taking notice and beginning now to invest in Southeast Asia.  With the strength of its programs supporting student mobility, a credit transfer system and quality assurance in higher education, H.E. Pehin Abu Bakar Apong firmly believes that SEAMEO RIHED can foster excellence and synergy in higher education for regional development.