June 19, 2018

ASEAN Young Quality Assurance Officers Network Logo Competition (AYQON)


Interested individuals are hereby invited to participate in a public competition for the design of the ASEAN Young Quality Assurance Officers Network (AYQON) official logo. The winning logo will form the basis of the AYQON’s visual representation in print, web and broadcast communications. The designer of the winning logo will receive USD500. To enter, please read the following brief to ensure that your design fits the requirements. The dateline of the competition is    15 August 2016. No entries will be accepted after this date.

1. This competition is open to individuals or any interested parties of the AYQON member countries.
2. All entries must be submitted to the AYQON Secretariat via the Agencies or Ministries which are members of AYQON.
3. All entries must be original, contain no more than three colours (excluding white and black) and incorporate the name of ASEAN Young Quality Assurance Officers Network and AYQON.
4. Entrants should provide their complete details (name, address, phone number and e-mail) with their submissions.
5. Each entry is to be submitted in colour on A4 paper with its size at least half of the A4 (11cmx 15cm).
6. The design of the logo must incorporate the following aims and purposes of AYQON:
    i. to explore different needs of quality assurance capacity building programs of young quality assurance officers in the ASEAN countries;
    ii. to promote collaboration and exchanges of best practices, experiences and expertise among young quality assurance officers of the ASEAN countries; and
    iii. to undertake the quality assurance related activities as deemed necessary.
7. Only one winner will be determined. The winning logo will become the property of AYQON.
8. The judges’ decisions are final.
9. For enquiries, please contact the AYQON Secretariat at the Malaysian Qualifications Agency as per following details:
Ms. Nurazlin Amir
Public and International Affairs Unit
Telephone : +603 -7968 3360
E-mail : azlin@mqa.gov.my

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Brief of AYQON Logo Competition (Appendix A)
Participation Form (Appendix B)
List of AYQON Member Agencies (Appendix C)