April 4, 2019


SEAMEO RIHED is the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Centre specializing in regional higher education development. SEAMEO RIHED’s mission is to foster efficiency, effectiveness, and harmonization of higher education in Southeast Asia through system research, empowerment, development of mechanisms to facilitate sharing and collaborations in higher education.

SEAMEO RIHED operates within the rapidly changing environment of the Southeast Asian higher education systems. This landscape is chiefly characterised by diversity, due to the different historical, structural and educational developments in countries of the region. Global forces including globalization, massification, diversification, and marketization compound this variety. Many countries have recently restructured their higher education systems, in an effort to deal with the increasingly multifaceted activities undertaken by higher education institutions. This has frequently resulted in increasing autonomy of higher education institutions, to allow them to face the increasing range of demands and accelerated pace of intra‐ and international competition.

Higher education development is a priority in the region as a primary means of promoting Asian socioeconomic development. The harmonization of higher education is also in line with the ASEAN objective of ‘One ASEAN at the Heart of Dynamic Asia’. SEAMEO RIHED strongly advocates the Harmonization of Higher Education in Southeast Asia, as a means of meeting the vision of ASEAN leaders.

SEAMEO RIHED conducts programmes to assist member countries to meet the challenges and
opportunities presented by the Southeast Asian higher education landscape. Activities include policy
forums, workshops, training, study visits, information dissemination and research.