April 4, 2019

About Us


SEAMEO RIHED’s mission is to foster efficiency, effectiveness, and harmonization of higher education in Southeast Asia through system research, empowerment, collaboration and development of mechanisms to facilitate sharing in higher education.


A dynamic, strategic, and internationally recognised regional centre for promoting understanding, collaboration, and synergy in higher education for regional development.


SEAMEO RIHED is the South-East Asian Ministers of Education Organization Centre specializing in higher education development. It is hosted by the Thai Government, located at the fifth floor of the Office of the Higher Education Commission building, Ministry of Education in Bangkok, Thailand.

The SEAMEO RIHED Governing Board is the main policy making body of the Centre. The Governing Board comprises one representative from each SEAMEO Member Country, with the exception of Timor Leste. The Board is responsible for operational policies, strategic planning, annual evaluation and review of the Centre’s programmes and budget within the framework of its approved five-year development plan. The SEAMEO Secretariat Director and the SEAMEO RIHED Director serve as ex-officio members to the Board.

The Centre is headed by a Director who is nominated  by the Minister of Education of Thailand and approved by the Governing Board, and formally appointed by the President of the Council. The operation is carried out by qualified staff working in collaboration with partners in member countries and other national and international organizations.


  1. To assist the Member States in fostering efficiency and effectiveness of higher education in their respective countries, with a focus on policy and planning processes, administrative and management systems through professional training and policyoriented research, taking into consideration the special needs and pressing problems together with the cultural factors of individual Member States for integrated human resource development
  2. To serve as the regional centre and clearing-house for higher education information and documentation, promoting the exchange and dissemination of information and research findings on higher education planning and management, both within and outside the region
  3. To promote collaboration among Member States for establishing institutional linkages, and to assist them in strengthening institution building and development.

Its main activities, in line with other SEAMEO centres, include training, research, and information dissemination with special focus on fostering efficiency and effectiveness of higher education policy and planning, management, and administration in SEAMEO Member Countries.